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Spring 2007


Tornado Season vs. AMVIC Insulated Concrete Structures

Tornado season is here and has already showed it’s powerful force.  On March 1st over 31 tornadoes were reported across 5 states and at least 20 people were killed.  Eight of those people were high school students in Enterprise, AL where a tornado struck the brick high school causing an entire wall to collapse.  On May 4th, an F-5  tornado with winds of 205 mph struck Greensburg, KS destroying 95% of the town and claiming at least 12 lives.  Though we can’t control Mother Nature, we can attempt to minimize the damage she may bring to the Midwest with her fierce tornadoes.  AMVIC insulated concrete buildings & homes use the latest advances in building technology to provide energy efficient, comfortable, and secure structures.  By using AMVIC Insulated Concrete Forms you can have a home or building with a wind resistance of 250 MPH which is equal to an F-5 tornado.  The strength is based on the wall system from AMVIC that uses reinforced concrete captured inside foam forms that provide   insulation inside and out. The walls can be        finished any way you like - drywall, stone, siding... you name it. Once it's finished, you'll never guess that the walls are concrete, except that it will be warmer, cheaper to heat & cool, and exceptionally quiet. 

To learn more about a safer home from tornadoes for your family, please visit our website at


Construction Advantage, Inc.  is proud to introduce A Premium Structure.  A Premium Structure is our new division that offers the complete home to the consumer from the beginning planning stages to the finished carpentry work through subcontractors.  This allows you to enjoy your experience of building a new home while we take care of the pressing details of scheduling the       excavator to installing the kitchen cabinets.  Give us a call and let us give you a bid on your dream home today!

Construction Advantage, Inc. will proudly continue to be Iowa’s only distributor of  AMVIC Insulated Concrete Forms as well as continue offering many other products to you and contractors to make your new home the most energy efficient it can be.

Please feel free to contact us:  

Toll Free: 1-866-6858

Office: 319-436-2279

Construction Advantage also provides energy efficient Minnkota Windows & Rehau PEX Radiant Heating & Plumbing Piping!

  "Stack, Brace & Pour Foundations" class offered through Kirkwood Community College
June 5th 2007
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August 9-19 2007
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